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retrograde ejaculation/low sperm count after I/O and RPLD

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  • Martin
    too soon for me to say (only 3 weeks post surgery), but I've heard it can be as long as 6 months to come back

    - Martin

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  • retrograde ejaculation/low sperm count after I/O and RPLD

    Anyone experienced retrograde ejaculation after RPLD ? I had RPLD in march and had dry ejaculation / no sperm in urine at all. The sperm bank nurse said it possible that my body is still in shock stage ( due to surgeries ) and that it might come back eventually . My doc who did surgery said that he did nerve sparring method but that i had a lymph node outside the template that kind of was close to the nerve that controls neck bladder . He prescribed Tofranil 25 mg( anit-depressant) and after just 2 days i had some sperm coming out of the penis but no sperm in urine . The volume that comes out is very small compared what i had before the surgery ( not even 30% of the normal ) . Not sure if this is normal or not ( my urologist thinks I’m rushing things ) . I'm panicking too soon or is this just normal after the surgery ? Anyone had similar experience? how long did you wait after the surgery to see if everything is ok ?>Anyone check their sperm after RPLD surgery ?