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  • dadmo
    We were told by Slaon that if live cancer is found in the lymph nodes is 2 additional rounds of chemo would be required. I'm not going to second guess those experts but if Rob's markers don't rise they may give you the option of surveillance.

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  • Margaret
    Stacy, I am sorry you are stressed. many hugs coming your way. I am sure others have more knowledge than I do, but I think they told us if live cancer was found they would do two more rounds of chemo but they would not be as tough as the BEP. I want to say he would have to go in twice a week with a two week break in between. They also mentioned to us a stem cell transplant, but my understanding of that is weak also. I know bracing for the thought of more chemo or further treatment is very difficult. But this will get him better, I know you can both do it. Please lean this way anytime you need to.

    Prayers and love,


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  • mstlyn
    Hi Stacy,

    Im just now catching up with some of your posts! First I want to say Im glad to hear that Robs surgery went well, (sorry about losing a kidney though) and that he will be home soon.

    I'm certainly not one to say what a doctor will decide for anyone, but I can tell you that in Anthonys pathology, post RPLND, some live cancer was found, consisting of teratoma and yolk sac. We expected it because his AFP was rapidly increasing a few weeks after chemo.

    His oncologist wanted to do more chemo before surgery, and the oncologist at U of M told me that he would have to have chemo either before or after RPLND. However ...

    We went with Dr. Einhorns advice. He told us that he needed surgery and the hope is that it would cure him.
    He told us that after surgery to just watch his markers. If they failed to normalize after surgery, or if they started to increase again, then he would need high dose chemo.

    Whatever is decided I hope and pray for a great outcome.


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  • sldl1106
    started a topic Pathology


    I meant to ask this last week, but Rob was doing so poorly I didn't want more bad news if anyone had the answer.

    Pathology showed mostly necrotic tissue, along with (quoting Sheinfeld) "a dot of live teratoma and a dot of live cancer." We haven't spoken to oncology yet, I suppose that comes after Rob is discharged.

    Does this mean another round of chemo after he's healthy, or just surveillance? Since Sheinfeld removed it, is it gone? I would really like to know so that I can mentally prepare myself if that is what is ahead. I know from conversations with Rob that it will not go over well with him if that's the case.