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unexpected surgery.

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  • unexpected surgery.

    It is my hope that this thread be a very short one. Then onwards...

    Yesterday Danny was walking upstairs from our apartment to our parents' when he had a really bad fall and went down a flight of stairs. He was bruised on his neck and shaken up. He seemed fine, but a little weak and rested all day. In the evening, his left leg started to shake and move uncontrollably and his left side felt numb. It was a very familiar feeling for Danny and sight for me. It was the symptom that brought him in the the ER back in November when he was having massive brain hemorrhaging and his brain tumors were found. Danny was having a seizure for the second time. We rushed to Sloan.

    Danny is Ok. He feels good and much better today. The seizure lasted only an hour and his strength and feeling is already coming back. He is in good spirits and is his normal self.

    This is what we know:

    The small spot of blood found on an MRI about 6 weeks ago has gotten bigger significantly. It is still unknown whether it is just a mass of blood or a tumor behind the blood. They can't see it on the scans.

    The fall had nothing to do with anything. Complete coincidence.

    It is obvious that this hemorrhage is causing Danny's symptoms, which are now under control with medications.

    The mass of blood and (possible) tumor are on the surface of his brain in a very accessible spot. Neurologists, Neuro-Surgeons, radiology and the solid tumor team have all examined, assessed Danny and discussed his case. It was agreed that they must go in and take care of this issue surgically. Danny is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. They will go in and either find just blood and clean it out OR find tumor and remove it and clean up the blood too.

    Either way we are told the surgery is: relatively simple, easy access, very low risk, not painful and that Danny will feel an almost immediate relief of all symptoms after it is over.

    His GemEpi on Friday has been held. He must allow is platelets to recover before surgery to over 100. He has been and will be given more platelets.

    After surgery he will need about 2 weeks of recovery before restarting chemo.

    He was admitted, is in the hospital now (where I'm typing from) and will be until Tuesday's surgery and several days afterward.

    So forum family, this is most unexpected for us all, especially Danny who was in a chemo state of mind and raring to go. What Dadmo said was right on. There is something indescribable about the ability to overcome countless unimaginable obstacles and keep moving forward. Rocky once said "It's not about how many punches you throw, it's about how many punches you can TAKE and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done."

    Danny is already moving forward. He and the rest of us are ready for Tuesday, ready to start the healing process and ready to get GemEpi going as soon as humanly possible. What needs to be done, needs to be done and with every obstacle comes another challenge and ultimately another opportunity to face it, fight it and move on.

    Signing off from the 7th floor, MSK, knowing you all are sending you're most positive Danny's way. Gnight.


    Dadmo, Thank you for what you wrote in your post. It meant so very much and came at an unbelievably timely moment.

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    May God bless you both. I am praying right now!


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      I was having a hard time going to sleep, so I checked in. All the docs at Sloan seem to be quite competent, so I know Danny is in good hands. Hopefully, as you said, the surgery will be as easy as can be and that it will help relieve the neural motor impairments that Danny has been experiencing.
      I do need to ask how your folks are doing. You have been Danny and your parents' rock, and even though these are tough times, all three of them gain strength from your exemplary attitude. Seriously, if there's anything (absolutely anything) you need or any way I can help, you know how to find me.

      Much love to you, Danny, Nancy and Ira,
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        Oh Mikey. I want to get into Sloan to visit you guy's. I can give Danny his hat back, if that's ok with you guy's.
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          Fall down seven times. Get up eight. Old Japanese proverb.
          I'm with you Lil Brothers.
          Much Love,
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          I Love My Pack!



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            Thanks for letting us know about this new turn of events.
            From what you have been through, this procedure will be a snap.
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              I'm sorry to hear about this unexpected event. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
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                Originally posted by dannysbrother
                He is in good spirits and is his normal self.
                I love that. Wishing you all the best, as always...
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                  im an thinking about Danny and you!! hang in there, it will work out. i am praying for him! im sending BIG hugs your way.

                  PS..... we were at Sloan tuesday for Brian's biopsy, i should have let you know, we could have all met up. well, next time

                  xx hugs xx
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                    I'm sorry for what happened to Danny. Best wishes for Tues, and everyday. You two guys are true warriors. How you all stay so positive is truely inspiring. I pray for you all, your ALWAYS in my thoughts.
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                      Danny is a tough cookie! I don't mean to sound corny, but speaking of Rocky, you guys give true meaning to the title "Eye of the Tiger"

                      Keep on fighting, we're here cheering you guys on!

                      Lots of Love,

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                        Sorry to hear about the fall and the seizure, and glad that the upcoming surgery is anticipated to fo smoothly and take care of the symptoms. Give Danny a smooch for me (if Quishie doesn't mind) and best to you , Ira and Nancy. We're with you!!!
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                          I am sorry to hear this but I hope they are able to fix this problem. My thoughts are with you today.
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                            You, Danny and your family will be in my prayers. Hoping for a very fast recovery from all of this.


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                              Used to work in Neuro ICU...the surgery should be easily tolerated, but gosh darn it. Prayers are with you every morning, every night! LOVESTRONG!!Sharon
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