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Lump in Throat - Normal?

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  • Lump in Throat - Normal?

    About 7 weeks ago (just prior to my I/O) I felt a swelling, just to the right of the adam's apple. The lump appeared after relaxing the throat after swollowing, and when I pushed on it it would 'pop' back into the middle of the throat / behind the adam's apple again. I'd say the 'lump' (or whatever it is) was the size of a small tomato (3cm or so). Apparently there was a bug going around at the time, and my mother said she had the same thing (although she wouldn't let me push on her's either!

    Today I felt it again. 7 weeks later. And with all the knowledge I now have I'm going out of my mind. All of my scans and bloodwork have been negative post I/O (1cm non-semonina, 'contained', no sign of invasion), but I'm aware that TC loves to spread to the lymph nodes, so I'm going out of my mind here.

    Is this 'popping' lump thing normal? All I do is swollow and then push on one side of my neck and the thing 'pops' to the middle again, and remains there. It might be a normal part of the human anatomy as far as I know, but I'm concerned. I don't want to visit my doc unless this is abnormal to most people because I've been to see him with 'its nothing' things for the last two months, and I hate the feeling I have afterwards when my symptoms subside!

    Any help (or self examinations!) would be great!
    Stage I, non-seminoma (UK teratoma); I/O 23/4/05; All tests negative; Surveillence

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    Oh well, looks like a false alarm! Went to the doctor and he said I'm probably just moving cartilidge around. He couldn't find any irregularities along my neck. Plus I had the same clickable 'lump' two months ago, so it looks like I'm just being paranoid.

    Oh health anxiety, you're so good to me!
    Stage I, non-seminoma (UK teratoma); I/O 23/4/05; All tests negative; Surveillence