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  • Commuting to chemo?

    In your experience with chemo, did you or someone you know commute to the treatments? If so, what form of travel was used and how long did it take each way?

    Would you have subjected yourself to a 40-minute train ride? Alternatively, how about a 50-minute car ride from the suburbs to the city? Is the effort too great for an average chemo patient?

    I'm asking because it may be the only option that makes sense for me based on my location and parental responsibilities, but I'm trying to rule things out.

    Thank you,

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    Well I drove my husband to each chemo visit. There are days that I think he could have driven himself, but he was unsteady on his feet some days and I am not sure I would have trusted his reflexes on the road. I would think he would do okay on a train, as long as someone was there waiting for him when he got off. Keep in mind my husband wanted to sleep most days after chemo so I would be worried he would fall asleep on the train and miss his stop .

    Do you have someone to take you? I wish I lived near you, I would drive you each day.
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      Originally posted by Margaret
      I would think he would do okay on a train, as long as someone was there waiting for him when he got off.
      Following up on this, and such being the case, if you do end up taking the commuter rail into the city, I could meet up with you and make sure you get here. I could also make sure you get back into the train home. I wouldn't worry about you falling asleep on the train, since your stop is the last one on both rides .
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        I worry about mass transit during flu season when you will be may be advised to wear a mask and definately scub your hands as soon as you get off the train, young man. (Sorry, that's the Mom in me! )
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          I drove my son Chris every day to chemo about 10 minutes from our home, and he would say "just get me home Mom"after his treatments..... and be pretty pail and driving yourself I think would be too much...I know Chris wouldn't have been able to do it...please take care....Mary Ellen


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            We live on long island, and brian is the captain of his fire department, whenhe was 1st diagnosed, they made a schedule where people from the fire department volunteered to Bring Brian and us into the city, so his parents would not have to drive. Brian goes to Sloan kettering in manhatten which is about 1 hour away (sometimes longer with traffic) now that he is done with chemo, the fire department pays for us to have a nice luxury town car take us into the city and pick us up when he is finished with his appointments.
            its amaizing how many friends Brian has that would do anything for him. in the beginning, they also had a meal plan set up, so that his mom didnt have to cook dinner, there would be a home cooked meal delivered to the house everyday for the 1st couple of weeks. my thing is, sometimes you have to tavel to get THE BEST!!!!!

            best wishes

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              I did 4 rounds of chemo and drove myself to and from every single visit (20 minutes each way). For me, it was OK. Some people respond differently. I had my Mom come with me the first few days and then decided that I would be all right. I went to the MSKCC satellite office in Sleepy Hollow for chemo to avoid taking the train into the city - what with the low WBC and all.
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                Hi, Russell, my son, had 4 BEP. Our experience is about the same. Some days were ok, others were not. Many of the symptoms creep up after chemo, we found the afternoons and evening difficult sometimes. One suggestion..I have heard the the Cancer Society has services for cancer patients. One of the services is to help people get to their appointments and treatments. Another idea might be to contact the social workers and/or the Oncology nurses in the hospital. They might have ideas around other transportation opportunities, and possibly housing for you. The nurses are very knowledgable and will totally understand what you are dealing with. Good luck!! Sharon
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                  Good suggestion! When my Dad needed transport every day we contacted the county and they do provide transportation. Unfortunatley, we needed to cross into another county. The United Way may also have a transportation service.
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                    during my solid weeks of chemo, I was an communiting was not a problem...

                    but my wife always drove me to and from...I'm certain I could have made it...but at times, I just wanted to is 1 hour 45 minutes away...

                    the critical thing is you'll need to avoid people when counts are low....and you always need to make your if you are going to try to make it on your own, have a backup plan in case you are just too weak/tired to commute.

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                      I went with my boyfriend to every treatment, but he always drove to and from, about a 1/2 hour commute. He usually did really well during the treatments, but it seemed to catch up with him the worst over the weekend and early the next week.