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  • It's been awhile...

    Hey all...I know it's been close to two months since I have posted...but I felt the need to put this part of my life on the backburner for a bit. Things have been well, though. I knocked out the 2 cycles of VIP last month and I can say two things. First...I'm glad it is over. Second...I'm glad I only had to do 2 cycles. It was definitely a nice kick in the jimmy (as if we need that in the first place).

    I've started back up at work (no flying = sucks) and have been working out for the past couple include riding my bike. Fed...Scott...and anyone riding in it up for me, will ya?

    I had my first follow-up CT scan last week and got the results today. First bloodwork is that's good. But my onc mentioned there is a spot on my spleen that was not there before this scan. Since my markers are normal, my doc isn't pushing the panic button yet. It could be something from my RPLND in June...who knows. I'll have a PET scan next month and hopefully that will provide some answers.

    I'm not worried about what it could be. I'm more irritated in the fact that my return to flying is going to take longer now...but I know God has a plan and I'm going to trust Him.

    Robert - thanks for the email. I'll check into the combo scan and see if that is an option. Are they performed on the same machine??? The PET scans in Portsmouth are in a different location than the CT scans.

    Tammy - thanks for the message. Since I've been playing hookie...I just read it. I pray Anthony is doing well.

    I know I have a lot of reading to do to get caught up on everyone and how you all are doing. I just pray everyone is doing as well as can be.

    Brett, Stage IIIB Non-Seminoma Extra-Gonadal Germ Cell Tumor 7/12/06, 4xBEP 7/31/06 - 10/17/06, enlarged retroperitoneal lymph nodes found 5/22/07, bi-lateral RPLND and Left I/O 6/05/07, 2xVIP 7/16/07 - 8/11/07, spot on spleen found 9/13/07 - DOH!, PET scan sked 10/29/07

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    It's good to hear from you. I'm sorry you have the extra stress of having to worry about a spleen spot, let's just hope it turns out to be nothing. How long do you have to wait before you can fly again?
    Son Jason diagnosed 4/30/04, stage III. Right I/O 4/30/04. Graduated College 5/13/04. 4XEP 6/7/04 - 8/13/04. Full open RPLND 10/13/04. All Clear since.

    Treated by Dr. Rakowski of Midland Park, NJ. Visited Sloan Kettering for protocol advice. RPLND done at Sloan Kettering.


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      Originally posted by NavyHoldi99
      I've started back up at work (no flying = sucks) and have been working out for the past couple include riding my bike. Fed...Scott...and anyone riding in it up for me, will ya?
      OK, this time. We'll be counting on you for next year, so get ready.
      Scott, [email protected]
      right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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        Glad to hear from you and great news about the normal blood work. That silly spleen, I hope it is just playing tricks on the scan and it is nothing to worry about.

        My prayers are with you.
        Co-survivor with husband Boyce, Diagnosed 7-11-06, orchiectomy right testicle on 7-12-06- Stage 3A: Mixed germ cell tumor with inguinal seminomatous and kartotypic carcinoma. One tumor over 10 cm, second tumor 4 cm, Chemo 4xBEP: Bi-lateral RPLND Dec 2006, nerve sparing but left sterile.
        Current DVT
        Current testosterone replacement therapy, Testim.

        "You must abandon the life you planned, to live the life that was meant for you" ~wisdom I have learned from my family on this forum


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          brett, you are getting there!! you are kicking butt! try not to worry about that spot, as long as your markers are down, im sure its nothing to worry about! keep up the good work, we will all be watching for your results

          Fiance Brian, dx:stage IIIC non-sem 4/18/07
          mets to lungs,liver,abdomin,large tumor near kidney
          hcg was 176,000!
          completed 1 rnd of TIP(had bad reaction to taxol)
          BEPx3 until 7/13/07
          7/26/07 post chemo ct-scan shwd shrinkage & fewer lung tumors
          10/17/07 @ MSKCC Liver FREE of cancer! necrotic & small focus of teratoma.
          AFP & HCG normal
          12/7/07 RPLND,right orchiectomy @ MSKCC
          12/18/07, rcvd pathology,all clear! no cancer!
          2/11/08 -Lung surgery dne @ MSKCC
          ALL CLEAR


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            I was wondering when we were going to hear from you next! I'm glad that you only had to endure two cycles of VIP... that's nasty stuff there. You will definitely be missed in Austin, but rest assured that you will be in our thoughts during the run and the ride. Hopefully you'll be able to get back to flying. Stay in touch, bro!
            "Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller
            11.22.06 -Dx the day before Thanksgiving
            12.09.06 -Rt I/O; 100% seminoma, multifocal; Stage I-A; Surveillance; Six years out! I consider myself cured.


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              Great to hear from you Brett! Happy to hear that your spirits are still up and that you're on the road to recovery.
              4/26/07 - mass confirmed w/ no elevated markers
              4/27/07 - left I/O
              5/2/07 - Dx: 100% seminoma stage 1A
              Surveillance: CT/blood (6 month cycle)
              4/27/13 - 6 years cancer free!