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Question detail of BEP protocal . . IV fluid and diuretic

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  • RTC
    Thank you Margaret, Dianne and NavyHoldi99, for all your valuable suggestion!

    I just returned home after my last Bleomycin for round 3.

    I didn't ask for more IV this time . . but I drank about 2.5 liter of water . . + 250ml of IV saline . .

    I guess I will just ask for as much as I can for my last 5 days inpatient Cisplatin.

    haha I actually I asked for TPN + 1000 saline when I had my 1st Bleomycin outpatient for round 3 . . All the nurse looked so surprised
    . . . as I don't look like someone who needs TNP

    Oh Hi NavyHoldi99 Nice to meet you . . . I have always been interested in military air planes since I was little . . . may I ask what air plane you fly?

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  • NavyHoldi99
    I remember having 1L of prehydration dripped over an hour followed by the etoposide and cisplatin. Then...I had 1L of posthydration also dripped over an hour. I peed so much when I was getting my treatments. I also had a saline drip with the chemo...but I don't think it amounted to much more fluid over the 2 hours of chemo.

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  • Mom
    RTC, my son had his three rounds of BEP as an in-patient. He was admitted on Monday afternoon, given a saline drip for seven hours, given the chemo, then a diuretic to purge the chemo and then given more saline. He was thethered to the IV pole 24 hours a day with some type of fluid. His output was measured. He was given zofran (nausea), solumedrol (steroid) and mannitol (diuretic). Even when he went for his bleo shot the following two weeks, he was given fluids in an IV and fluids to drink. Something that would normally take 15 minutes took 1 1/2 hours. His doctor could not stress how important fluids were to flush the system. Jeff gained weight and was bloated because of the steriods. If you doctor does not give you extra fluids through an IV, make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Dianne

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  • Margaret
    You can ask about getting more fluid, which it looks like you are doing. I have heard for some they give the bleo as a shot and then you can go home. At our center they give it slowly with a full bag of fluid. But my husband also had to take large doses of Benedryal (I have no idea how to spell that ) because he would give high fevers (104) and terrible shaking from the bleo.

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  • RTC
    hmmmm . . yes they did carefully watch my weight everyday . .

    but some of the protocol I have seem from some hospital give
    Mannitol or Furosemide anyway . . . . . . hmmmm . . .

    And I found it strange that they give me 1000 ml IV first . . and then
    Bleomycin . . . . Etoposide then Cisplatin . . . . by the time I am finished
    with Cisplatin . . . there isn't much left of the 1000ML IV . . . . .

    If I want to flush toxin out of my body . . . shouldn't I get IV after
    the injection of those Chemo agent?

    Oh well . . . I requested additional 1000ML of IV fluid after Cisplatin
    anyway . .

    Maybe I worry too much about Nephrotoxicity . . .

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  • Margaret
    Hello, my husband had a lot of issues with the Bep and one of them was fluid. They actually did give him a diuretic to pull some of the excess water off. If they are weighing you daily when you arrive for your treatments (which they should be with out question), then they should know if you need a diuretic. If you walk in everyday of the week and go up a pound or two a day, then that is a clear sign that you are holding on to too much fluid. Your weight, stable/gaining/losing, is a good indicator of what you need.

    Just as a side note, the diuretic, which they will put in your IV will make your kidneys cramp a bit. Also, you will be running to the bathroom a lot so pick a chair close to the bathroom.

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  • Question detail of BEP protocal . . IV fluid and diuretic

    Hi everybody . .

    I am just wondering . . how much IV fluid should I get per day
    in the day 1 to 5 Cisplatin?

    I am done with my 3rd round of BEP . . with one more round to go ..

    Originally . . my Oncologist just give me 1000ml per day . .
    with no diuretic . . . . but I find some instruction some other hospital use . .
    and find out that they give much more fluid and recommend diuretic . .

    After my 2nd round I was hospitalized for possible infection . . .
    and get a lot of IV fluid . . . and I found that I feel much better . .

    In my 1st round I didn't drink much due to vomiting . . and fatigue .
    I was sleeping like 16 hours a day . . and felt terrible . .

    so I my 3rd round I requested another 1000ml (so to a total of 2000ml)
    per day . . . . even though my Oncologist said he think he already gave me all the fluid I need . . . . . now I am just wondering if I should ask for
    diuretic too . .

    thank you for your help
    appreciate it!