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Appetite and taste change

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  • Appetite and taste change

    I am just wondering how soon appetite and taste change will return to normal
    after the completion of Chemo therapy?? I had 4 round of BEP . .

    I have been eating ok . . . not much weight lost . .
    but the amount I eat is still nothing compare what I eat normally . .

    I might need RPLND so I am eager to eat more, get better shape
    and build some nutrition reserve in my body . . . .
    Orchiectomy 2007/7/11
    BEP x4 7/31/2007 to 10/15/2007
    RPLND 12/11/2007

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    I believe that everyone is different. After about a month, it seems like Russell was eating like before chemo. It seems like that is when the odd tastes and appetite settled. We worked hard before his RPLND to get his body back in shape. He had many of the small juice drinks and protein drinks all the way through. Sometimes drinking was easier. Now...back to normal, and I believe with greater appreciation than ever!! Sharon
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      Oh one month . . that's quite a while . . .

      gee I have been longing for a god meal for a good time

      I don't have problem with vomiting now . but chemo must be doing
      something to my digestive system that I don't seem to digest well . .

      then need to go none fat meal . .

      then can't eat following RPLND .

      then none fat again .

      then low fat . . .

      looks like it will take a long time for a nice meal
      Orchiectomy 2007/7/11
      BEP x4 7/31/2007 to 10/15/2007
      RPLND 12/11/2007