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First Day of BEP over finally

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  • First Day of BEP over finally

    Jason started Chemo today. My observations thus far:

    Please don't be embarrassed if I mention you by name. I hope this helps other patients or caregivers as much as you helped us. I have never felt more touched by the kindness of strangers than today.

    1. He is completely wiped out and it's only day one. He enjoyed the cute nurses while he was there though

    2. Dana Farber Cancer Institute is AMAZING. It is well worth worth the drive from Rhode Island, or anywhere to be honest.

    3. Fed is great. He should work with patients often. I really could go on and on. Jason really liked him. As I said, he should work with patients of any type.

    4. Sfumato is crazy strong. Even though we only spoke a few minutes, we felt he had an inspiring attitude and was a kindred spirit. I hope we see him again. It was so great to know of someone else there with the same cancer. Earlier in the day, Jason was next to a much much older man. He has prostate cancer that, after fighting this after six years, it has moved into his bones and he is now facing chemo. Very bleak compared to TC, as horrified as it is to say that. Maybe it was a good thing your schedule was off...Jason was able to see someone later in their treatment, who was able to joke still.

    As difficult as it is to be the parent of a cancer patient, I couldn't imagine being the patient while being a parent. Many of you who have helped us, have gone through this while having kids at home. The added weight of being a parent while being a cancer patient must feel unbearable at times. I hope you can feel good knowing you can now help others, just by being here.


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    Believe it or not The first day is one of the worst. The anxiety of the unknown is awful and now that's behind you. Just make sure Jason takes all of his anti neusea meds and drinks lots of fluids. I've had the pleasure of meeting several forum members and the support shown by all is something that can't even be described other then to say we are indeed family. And yes Fed is indeed a special person.
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      Russell managed to keep his eyes open for nurses all the way through!!! His first day of chemo ended up horrible because he had a drug reaction to one of the anti nausea meds. We had to walk around the block at midnight because he was having so much pain in his legs. It took constant adjusting, but we made it through. It starts making sense after you are into it for a few weeks. It does not become easier, but I think more tolerable when the mystery of it all settlles down a bit. We met amazing people during chemo...hope the same is for you. Enjoy the up moments when they arrive! Take care, Sharon
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        Hang in there, Beth and Jason. Time may seem to move slowly for the next several weeks, but soon you'll look back and wonder where it went. Meanwhile, you couldn't ask for better company!
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          Beth and Jason. As Scott said you are in great company. As for the first day being tough, yes it is. Just keep in mind you have started down the path to a cure. Stay strong and good luck.


          BTW, how many Jason's do we have here that have had TC? Seems to be too many.
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            Beth, Jason and family,

            Although the circumstances of us meeting are not necessarily the best, I am glad that I was able to catch up with you guys today. Jason, your attitude is great. That was clearly exemplified by the T-shirt you wore to chemo today (two squirrels sitting on a tree, one with an acorn, the other one dropping it; the caption read -and I'm paraphrasing- "it's all fun and games until you lose a nut"). You are facing this head-on, and the fact that you are putting up a fight is inspiring (and BTW, I do think you landed the cutest chemo nurse ).

            I came back to see Sfumato later in the day, and I was very happy to hear that you guys were able to meet. Your schedules overlap this week, so it's great you are will be able to hang out together, even if it is for this week.

            I am looking forward to stopping by tomorrow, and I will bring over the LIVESTRONG binder as promised. Make sure you guys make note of any symptoms, oddities, or other questions that may come up and let Dierdre (the cute chemo nurse ) know of everything. They are a treasure trove of practical knowledge and care, which will go a long way. I'll catch you guys tomorrow,
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              Hey there! I'm back on the forum after a little break, with my apologies for not being more connected. I want to give my props to Jason and his family. They really showed alot of heart and goodness on his first day.

              They had all the kids there for support, and picked up a bunch of LiveStrong bracelets (one for me too, thank you!). We've had some really warm conversations these past two days about family, cancer, Jason's guitar playing, work and home life, parenting, and so on. Jason is a good young guy (trying to not call him a kid because it makes me sound like an old timer!) and I'll admit to admiring the many years he will have to take this achievement of beating cancer and find ways of applying it to his life. Not to mention what his parents and siblings will learn.

              I have a small secret that I didn't fess up to Jason's dad. When I took my seat yesterday, I actually overheard him telling Jason's grandmother about this guy he heard about who came up from Plymouth and spent his birthday here...and then how some folks from the forum brought him a cake. I was sitting there a bit stunned. This was my story. Do I say something? It was synchronicity at its unexpected best. But before I could speak up, our nurse came over and made the connection between me, Jason, and Fed and it all opened up. It was a cool moment for my cancer journal and I won't soon forget how we met.

              Anyway, sorry for the long post.

              Stay strong, drink those fluids, keep eating and we'll see you tomorrow!

              Sfumato/Ric/whichever you prefer
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                How are you guy's doing? I'm thrilled to see you got the first week out of the way. Jason will be done with this stuff before you know it. If Nancy or I can help you in anyway feel free to get in contact with us.
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