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one more thing about remission.....

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  • one more thing about remission.....

    today Brian is in the city getting his staples out and getting his 1st marker test since oct 9th .. it was soo long ago, but i guess the dr's are confident. do you think i should be worried about this? and i also mentioned in the previous postings.... the word remission, and what was considered.

    Brian hasnt had chemo since mid july and his markers normalized. does that put him in a lower recurrance rate? because its been almost 4 months? and isnt there a time frame that they gave where if the cancer was going to grow again, it would grow in that period of time? sorry if i confused you all i dont know how to ask the question properly... does anyone know this answer?


    Ps. Thursday he meets with Dr. Sheinfeld yikes!!!!

    Fiance Brian, dx:stage IIIC non-sem 4/18/07
    mets to lungs,liver,abdomin,large tumor near kidney
    hcg was 176,000!
    completed 1 rnd of TIP(had bad reaction to taxol)
    BEPx3 until 7/13/07
    7/26/07 post chemo ct-scan shwd shrinkage & fewer lung tumors
    10/17/07 @ MSKCC Liver FREE of cancer! necrotic & small focus of teratoma.
    AFP & HCG normal
    12/7/07 RPLND,right orchiectomy @ MSKCC
    12/18/07, rcvd pathology,all clear! no cancer!
    2/11/08 -Lung surgery dne @ MSKCC