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Feeling better about the L-RPLND

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  • Feeling better about the L-RPLND

    We met with the laparoscopic surgeon today. He explained everything and also showed us where the current enlarged lymph nodes are. Both are down by his belly button....twards his back, but quite a ways down there. That in itself made me feel much better. He also talked about how they will not hesitate one moment to open him full up if they need to. He even showed us where the incision would be for the laparoscopic and where they would expand it if they needed to. And I heard what I needed to hear about them taking out all the lymph nodes in the retroperitoneal area and sending them off to the lab. He told me they will look at everything when they are in there and make sure it is all clean. is looking good!

    So early Monday morning he will be in surgery. I'll update again, hopefully Monday evening!


    Husband Right I/O 09/06
    -70% Embryonal Carcinoma
    -20% Teratoma
    -10% Yolk Sac Tumor
    11/06- lymph nodes 1.8x1.4 and 1.9x1.4
    12/06-PET Scan confirms activity in lymph nodes, lymph nodes 2.2x2.2 and 2.4x2.3
    1/07-Start 3xBEP
    4/07-PET clear, lymph nodes down to 1.1x0.5 and 1.8x1.0
    6/07-lymph nodes 1.2x1.0 and 1.9x.9
    8/07-lymph nodes 1.1x1.0 and 2.0x1.2
    10/07-lymph nodes 2.0x1.5 and 2.7x1.8
    11/07- PostChemo LRPLND-found burnt out teratoma
    11/09-Enlarging lymph node 1.2 cm near renal veins

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    Good Luck! Hope everything went well!!
    Orchiectomy 2007/7/11
    BEP x4 7/31/2007 to 10/15/2007
    RPLND 12/11/2007


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      Good luck Becki! I would be interested in knowing how the L-RPLND went. The doctors at Sloan were not too keen on it when I asked - they said they believe in open RPLND. They told me flat out I will need an RPLND.

      Reading on the Internet, it looks like some facilities like John Hopkins offer it and are comfortable with the efficacy of the procedure.

      Good luck and best wishes to your husband!
      09.29.07 - visit to ER with severe pain
      10.08.07 - Dx with TC
      10.10.07 - Rt I/O. Dx - 90% EC, 10 % yolk sac tumor, less than 1% immature teratoma & choriocarcinoma
      11.21.07 - (day before Thanksgiving) NS RPLND @ MSKCC
      11.28.07 - Return back home, recieve lab report. 86 lymph nodes removed - all clear. Begin Surveillance
      04.10.08 - 2 cm nodule detected in lungs
      04.28.08 - Starting 4XEP
      07.03.08 - 4XEP complete
      end-Sept - CT Scan scheduled


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        Becki, everything will work out great i just know it!! im sending out positive vibes and lots of big internet hugs!!!!!

        thank you for all the good vibes you send my way you all always send me the best vibes and encouragement! i love you all!!

        Fiance Brian, dx:stage IIIC non-sem 4/18/07
        mets to lungs,liver,abdomin,large tumor near kidney
        hcg was 176,000!
        completed 1 rnd of TIP(had bad reaction to taxol)
        BEPx3 until 7/13/07
        7/26/07 post chemo ct-scan shwd shrinkage & fewer lung tumors
        10/17/07 @ MSKCC Liver FREE of cancer! necrotic & small focus of teratoma.
        AFP & HCG normal
        12/7/07 RPLND,right orchiectomy @ MSKCC
        12/18/07, rcvd pathology,all clear! no cancer!
        2/11/08 -Lung surgery dne @ MSKCC
        ALL CLEAR


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          We are all pulling for you!
          Co-survivor with husband Boyce, Diagnosed 7-11-06, orchiectomy right testicle on 7-12-06- Stage 3A: Mixed germ cell tumor with inguinal seminomatous and kartotypic carcinoma. One tumor over 10 cm, second tumor 4 cm, Chemo 4xBEP: Bi-lateral RPLND Dec 2006, nerve sparing but left sterile.
          Current DVT
          Current testosterone replacement therapy, Testim.

          "You must abandon the life you planned, to live the life that was meant for you" ~wisdom I have learned from my family on this forum