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    Although Im far beyond the begining I just got a copy of my ultrasound report and had a concern about the results. On Oct 10th of this year I had a left I/O and never put much thought about the right side until now.

    Ultrasound results on right testicle:

    Right testis measures 4.4 x 2.15 x 3.6 cm
    multiple hyperechoic lesions found consistent with testicular microlithiasis
    no other discrete focal lesion identified
    vascularity appears unremarkable
    right epididymis has a small cyst measuring 3 x 2 cm

    Not sure what to make of this? any info on interpretation of these results would be much appreciated thanks to all in advance for all your support.


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    Microlithiasis is a condition where there are calcium deposits spread throughout the testicle. The condition usually effects both testicles, and is harmless by itself. There are, however, research articles showing potential connections between microlithiasis and increased risk of developing testicular cancer. It is important to note, though, that there is also research opposing a connection between TC development and microlithiasis. There just isn't enough good research to give definitive answers in my opinion.

    I believe that protocol for a person with microlithiasis is a yearly ultrasound just to be on the safe side. I watched a web-seminar by a urologist from Virgina (forget his name) who said that most guys who have microlithiasis will not develop TC.

    I hope this helps. Again, this is all info from research I have done online.......I'm by no means an expert.

    Personally, I would be curious to know if people who have TC and microlithiasis have an increased risk for getting TC in the surviving testicle, as opposed to TC survivors who do not have mircolithiasis.

    4/26/07 - mass confirmed w/ no elevated markers
    4/27/07 - left I/O
    5/2/07 - Dx: 100% seminoma stage 1A
    Surveillance: CT/blood (6 month cycle)
    4/27/13 - 6 years cancer free!