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finally trying to ride again

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  • finally trying to ride again

    well i got on my bike finally since surgery/radiation ended. i was cycling a lot when i lived in FL...about 100mi/wk now that im back on my bike in NH, ive noticed more pain than i expected near where my incision was. just wondering if any of you out there have had longer lasting soreness/irritation/tightness, etc. i am a big baby im sure, and ive yet to ask my doctor. one thing he did ask me just after diagnosis is if i rode a bike a lot. (by that time the time spent riding was greatly reduced from all the symptoms of the cancer) but i told him i used to very frequently.....and he never had a reason for asking...i was also wondering if any of you all had heard about some kind of relationship between that and cancer....aside from the generic cycling 15-40yr old male kind of deal.

    anyway ive got to schedule a follow up soon so ill keep you all posted.

    thanks a lot.

    and how about that 7th win!?!? truly a champion.