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Two questions: PET scan and Corboplatin

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  • Two questions: PET scan and Corboplatin

    Hello. Bats here; a forum novice.

    I am 45 and had my right testes removed one week ago. Today I received a histology report indicating Embryonal Carcinoma with some lymphovascular spread. A CT scan showed nothing untoward. I have no post-op marker levels until tomorrow but they were all high before the op.

    My Urologist advocated surveillance until today but the histology is leaning him towards corboplatin chemo as a pre-emptive chemo strategy. My Oncologist is advocating a PET scan to help determine Stage I/non-lumpy Stage II status.

    I have no knowledge to assess either of these recommendations and would be grateful for any opinions from forum members.
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    Hello and welcome,
    I would say that PET scan is sure good thing if you have a possibility for this. Some extra research can never be a bad thing.
    About Carboplatin I must say I never heard about treatement with Carboplatin for "Embryonic Carcinoma" !? Carboplatin is as far as I know always in use for Seminoma I stage or for some further stages but I never found they are using it also for Embryonic Carcinoma. This I would check if I would be on your place.

    Good luck.
    Seminoma I. stage ,May 2004,Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos