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  • laidback93
    Can someone share any comments on only having 2 rounds? I don't think I've ever seen anyone on here only getting 2.

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  • laidback93
    started a topic Finished Chemo

    Finished Chemo

    I started my rounds of BEP back in the beginning of June. I have a thread started about that time. I was having major problems keeping food or fluids down. In fact I would have to get extra fluids when getting my chemo because it was the only way to get it stay in my body.

    Well my encologist said that he would only give me 2 rounds which was kind of suprising, but I was happy. He had heard that 3 was common, but was confident that I didn't need 3 due to me being a stage 1. He said the chemo was just for preventative measures.

    I had my follow up CT scan on the 26th of July. For some reason the results went to my GP. I got a message from their office that the results were normal. That's fine, but what I really wanted to know was if the swollen lymph nodes had go down. BTW, my tumor markers are perfect and always have been.

    So my encologist is supposed to compare the CT scan results and call me sometime this week. In the meantime I have gone back to work after 2 months of being on disability. It feels good to get back to my normal routine.

    It's been a month since my last session of chemo and my hair hasn't grown back yet. I think its trying though. My moustache and goatee have started though. I also am still having disgestive problems like indigestion ect. I hope that goes away after a while.

    I'd say I feel 90% of normal now.

    Anyway, just wanted to update my situation.