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Emmett's 16 Month Scan

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  • Emmett's 16 Month Scan

    The CT Scan was all clear with regards to testicular cancer spread. This is always good news. If I can just make it another year, I should be out of the high probability area with regards to reoccurrence for patients following surveillance for seminoma.

    There was one thing that was different with my CT scan. They found some calcification in my prostate. I am not sure what that is all about. It may explain the drop in the number of swimmers (from some to none). I go to my urologist next week, so I will be interested in his thoughts. I guess when you have had cancer this stuff always worries you. I scanned through the forum and I guess a guy named Paul had a similiar result.

    Since I only have one vial of swimmers left, perhaps this can be cleared up. I guess there are two solutions if the stone is causing problems with my swimmers: trans-urethral surgery or needle aspiration of my testicle. Neither sound pleasant. I am not sure it is worth that kind of pain. Hopefully the next IVF cycle will be successful so we don't have to resort to those options.

    I really appreciate all the thoughts and comments. This board is great for people to get things off their chest.

    Seminoma Stage 1 (5 cm) 04/08/04
    Surveillance (All Clean So Far-)

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    Great news for 16 months. Since I will have 16 months on September I hope my results will be the same. I know that recuurance is most probably in first two years also for Seminoma but I don't know if there is difference if you had some chemo or not. I think not ? When we will have 5 years I hope we can celebrate together.
    Seminoma I. stage ,May 2004,Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos