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when does immunity come back?

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  • when does immunity come back?

    My hubby is 5 weeks post chemo and normal test results. This week he's had a low fever on and off. Tylenol seems to take care of it but the dr. wants to see him "just to be sure."
    He's been pushing himself hard last week and I think he just pushed too much. Plus we went camping over the weekend which isn't exactly a sterile environment! I think he gets worn out and his immune system isn't back to normal. We're still trying to find that balance between living a normal life and not pushing too hard.

    It worries me that the dr. wants to see him though. I can't seem to find much on the tc links about it, other than bleo can cause fevers the day you get it.

    Any thoughts? How long does it take to get immunity back?
    Are there other worries with fevers?


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    Hi SRW
    The doctors will worry anytime you get a fever while you immune system is not back to 100%. His body may not be able to fight off the infection or bug that he has and it could turn in to something worse. I don't mean to make you worry, I'm just sharing my experience. My Dr. wanted me back in his office or the emergency room anytime my fever would go above 100.5 for more than 2 hrs. As for when the immune system returns , it varies from person to person. I know of some people that had normal red ,white, and Platlet counts after 2-3 weeks and some it took 6-8 weeks. My blood markers didn't return to normal for about 6 weeks. He should be back to normal very,very soon. Good Luck !!!!!!!! DON

    PS. I would live life as NORMAL, no need to push yourself now-- he'll have the rest of his life to do that if he wants-no need to prove anything- he's already a SURVIVOR. That hard enough to acccomplish in itself!!!!!!!!
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