4 weeks to go on 3 cycles of BEP. Luckily I was able to finish my MBA during the past 3 weeks and have a new job, starting in October.

I was planning on taking a trip for about 14 days to South America to visit a friend, immediately after my last cycle. The oncologist was pretty much non-committal on this when I asked him. Of course, he said that infection was the biggest risk. I asked him for another "pop" of Neulasta and he is thinking it over. I see him again this week, before I start the last cycle on Labor Day.

At this point after the year I've had, as everyone can understand, it's going to take martial law to prevent me from going. I have had to postpone the trip 4 times, and with moving and starting the new job, etc., I don't know when (if ever) I will be able to do it. I've been there before and I know where to find medical docs, if needed.

I'm interested in what everyone thinks...any input?