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  • My Surveillance Report

    Well guys, I had my surgery 10/2001 - no chemo/radiation necessary as I was S1/T1. Now only an semi-annual visits and got my all clear on all tumor markers and scans.

    Just wanted to post my encouraging news to all who are thinking about PUTTING IT OFF!! Stage 1 saved not only my life, but saved me from chemo, radiation, etc. Reason for this? As SOON as I felt something wasnt right, I was in the emergency room - THAT NIGHT. (Literraly around 1 a.m.)
    Stage IIIa Seminoma
    4x BEP Completed 2/14/05
    [email protected]

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    Great news, James, glad to hear it!

    A good reminder for all the guys here debating whether to go to the doctor sooner rather than later.

    Of course, sometimes the stage will be higher for some guys just because the symptoms are not obvious till the cancer has advanced further--everyone is different. But if there ARE symptoms present, it is a bad idea to postpone a visit to the doctor--as you said, it CAN make a big difference in terms of treatment needed.

    Thanks for sharing the latest good news!!