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  • Vinny
    Funny you should mention that. When I was waiting to get my blood tested this AM I was reading some medical zine that had an ad for Lyrica. From the looks of the chemical name (pregabalin) it is probably closely related to Neurontin (gabapentin). It has the same warnings about reducing dosage gradually due to the risk of seizure, as it is an antiepileptic just like Neurontin. They're both produced by Pfizer. I guess the big deal about Lyrica is that it was designed specifically for PN, while Neurontin was designed for postherpetic neuralgia (I guess they learned about the therapeutic effects for PN after it was released).

    The website is

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  • rightone
    started a topic new nueropathy drug

    new nueropathy drug

    Anyone else hear about the new drug for nueropathy released by the FDA last Tuesday. IT is called Lyrica. That is all I know. anyone else hear anything?