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Bleo Scars?

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  • Bleo Scars?

    I have these red patches all over my chest, stomach, shoulders, back, and legs. I think it is due to the Bleo reaction I had. I only had two doses of Bleo, so I was hopefull these would go away, but so far they have not got any better. Does anyone else have these problems, and is there a way to make these heal faster? Thanks.
    Diagnosed 7/5/05, Rt. I/O 7/29/05, Nonseminoma Stage IIa, Started 3XBEP 9/06/05 changed to 4XEP due to reaction from Bleomycin. Currently surveillance.

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    Hi Larry.
    From what I have read, Bleomycin can do this to you. The toxic effects of bleo seems to increase with age, hence 45 is considered the age limit for BEP in Danmark. After this you (only) get EP. I believe the regims are normally 3 BEP vs. 4 EP.
    I know that such limits are based on statistics and therefor not necessarily aplicable to individuals, so your body may well be strong enough for BEP, but on the other hand, it seems to have reacted on some way...
    I would take a good long chat with my doctor about it.

    Best of luck. Jens
    Embryonal carcinoma, stage II,
    3 x BEP, apr - june 2005