After 2.5 months after the 3xBEP chemo I developed, first in right breast and then in the left one, 2-3 cm painful masses with some breasts enlargement.
There are still no sign of remission.
The mamography said : Gynecomastia with tissue hipertropy

I heard there are very rare cases of ATYPICAL gynecomastia that mimics adenocarcionma in breasts after chemo.

bHCG = 0.1
AFP = 5.2

Is this a bad sign of my chances to be definitely cured ??
Or about my fertility returning ??

Now I have me normal weight after some incresing weight after chemo

Before 74 Kg
After BEP 82
Now 75

Any ideea ?

By the way ... this site is great

Thank you very much