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  • Reliefband


    This is a fine forum! I've been lurking here for a little while and think I have a question worth asking:

    Does anyone here have any experience with the so-called Reliefband (

    There are 2 different kinds: an OTC device for motion-sickness which I can buy from places like the Sharper Image and a prescription-only device intended for chemotherapy patients. I'm going to have to undergo radiation treatments for a classic stage 1 seminoma. I'd rather not take anti-nausea med's which tend to be sedating and will probably leave me unable to work (not that the radiation won't have this effect...).

    David McConville
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    The relief band works quite well for motion sickness. My wife who gets migraine related nausea said it even settles things down after the nausea has started.

    Regarding my personal experience with nausea, I'm finished with treatment 8 of 20. My doctor perscribed Kytril (it's expensive but I have a perscription plan). I take it 1 hour before the treatment. Other than the day of the first treatment the nausea has been quite minor. The medicine doesn't make me drowsy at all. No real side effects.
    I/O-8/21/05, Pure Seminoma Stage I