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  • Malpractice?

    Hi all.
    I just learned the story of a guy that during biopsy of the contralateral testis - as is standard procedure in DK - had what must be described as a non-radical orchiectomy.
    The testicle was pulled up through the inguinal channel and biopsied in "free air". Then put back in but unfortunately misplaced, so the poor guy has had a month in sheer agony, new surgery to get it back down, sewn in place and so on... Man, he has been hit hard. Needless to say that he had spreading....

    I had my biopsy done through a scrotal incision and a squeeze (it says so in the sugeons description, ouch), and it was unpleasent for 2-3-4 days but that was that. It's my understanding that this is the normal - and right way, right?

    Have any of you ever heard of the other approach?

    I'm thinking that the surgeon was just about to cut off the wrong nut and found out only in the last second...

    Please kick in on this.

    Embryonal carcinoma, stage II,
    3 x BEP, apr - june 2005