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  • So now what do I do?

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Todd and I am a 31 year old graduate student from Boston. I found out I had TC about a month ago. Seminoma, 6cm-no signs of cancer any place else.
    I am trying to decide what to do next. The docs have given me a choice of obervation, radiation, and carboplatin. I have heard that the carboplatin will reduce my risk of TC in the other testicle but I can't seem to find any data to back that up. I am also concered with future fertility issues.
    I would appriciate hearing about why or why not other guys have chosen to do carboplatin.

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    It's interesting how often this is coming up lately from U.S. patients, even though carboplatin isn't mentioned in the 2006 NCCN guidelines for treating testicular cancer.

    See this thread and this thread for a couple of recent discussions, and search for "carboplatin" for more.
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      Sorry about your news Todd. Have you considered banking sperm? You should. Where in Boston are you being treated? There are several people in this forum being treated in Boston. I see the good docs at Dana Farber every few months. As Scott said, carboplatin isn't 'standard' in the US, but you'll likely get replies from folks in the UK or Europe who have gone that route. The US and UK/Europe continue to have some differences on treatment of TC, so make sure you research and ask lots of questions.

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        I was treated with Carboplatin so if you have more questions (after you read old topics) you can contact me.

        Conclusion, that there were less second TC's after Carboplatin use I don't take very seriously. I believe much more must be done to confirm that. On the other side it looks that there was enough statistical results that in Europe Carboplatin is in use for some years now.
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