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Chemo is powerfull with seminoma

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  • Krokar
    This is great news. If you must go trough this then it is perfect that your TC is beaten so quickly.

    Good luck.

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  • Eric
    started a topic Chemo is powerfull with seminoma

    Chemo is powerfull with seminoma

    My doctor scheduled me for 4 bep because of my recurrence.
    I had 2 nodes of 4 cm in the mediastinum and also a spot in the lung.
    After only 1 cycle they don't see the 2 nodes anymore.
    I don't know yet for the spot in the lung.

    The problem i had in the first cycle was a couple days of isolation at the hospital due to my very low white count. I have a normal white count but lower than you guys at the beginning of the chemo. It is probably due to the RT i had 4 years ago that have burned the lower part of my body that produce white cells.

    Now i wish that my doctor will change this 4 BEP to 3 BEP due to my good results. I really don't want to create problems with my blood in the future due to the effect of RT + chemo. A friend told me that my white count won't go down at the end of the chemo and it's only RT that affect permanently the white cells. I hope that this is true.