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    I was wondering whether anyone has ever gotten (or thought it useful to get)a second opinion on the pathology report following their RPLND.

    I had my RPLND a short time ago at Sloan and the pathology report came back as all teratoma (a 8CMx6CM teratoma mass was removed). I believe this is a positive result as I will not need additional chemo. I had already received 4xEP because the primary tumor was seminoma and teratoma.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts on getting a second opinion on the pathology report. I was not sure how accature the pathologies were so thought maybe there was some usefullness in having more than one lab look at it to make sure it is correct. On the other hand, if there is no good reason to seek a second opinion on the pathology, I would be content not to.


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    I don't think its needed. Memorial Sloan Kettering is one of the leading TC treatment centers in the world. You can count on the pathology being accurate


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      My oncologist told me that all pathology reports are subjected to a quality control process and will be read by a second pathologist. Of course is getting a second opinion from another medical facility would help to ease your mind, go ahead and do it. Einhorn is also one of the best.

      Dr Lawrence Einhorn
      Dept of Medicine, Indiana University
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        I have to agree with me Sloan Kettering and Chris path are all I needed to hear...he had Teratoma removed by Dr. Sheinfeld.....M


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          Sloan is as good as it gets. Trust their work.
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            If you plan on getting a second opinion from IU ( it isn't really needed) you have to send it to Dr Ulbright at IU. His adress can be found at under the experts page. But I must reiterate, MSK is one of the best in the world.