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    here's my opinion: i have been somewhat a pretty healthy eater since i can last remember. an occasional big mac every now and then. just like the rest of us! i'm sure there are others out there that are more "healthier" than i and they too have been diagnosed with TC. i could sit and dwell on every ounce of food i put in my mouth and wonder is it gonna cause me to have a relapse. is drinking tap water when out of bottled water gonna give me cancer...again? is using my cell phone? what about those electrical power lines that i drive under everyday everywhere i go? what about the cat litter i clean out my cats gotta go box? what about the cardboard box my healthy snack bar comes in? the list goes on and on and on. is it really worth it?
    if you continue to focus on this i think you'll have more than just cancer to worry about!! i think its about time to move on and quit dwelling on "what ifs"!!!!! live, live, live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    diagnosed 01/15/2005 bi-lateral seminoma stage IIa,4cm lymph node, right I/O & partial left I/O mar/2005, 18 days of radiation, remaining left I/O- aug/2005, surveillance, Wife did IVF oct/2005, DAD OF BABY GIRL born 08-02-2006!!! testosterone implants May 2008


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      huckchef , you are right. The cancer sources 'can be seen' everywhere. Personaly I know persons who are 100% vicious (alcohol, drugs, cigaretes etc) and they are getting older very nice, without serious deseases. As you can see, we are the unlucky guys. Therefore is natural for us tu focus to posible cancer recurrence or new cancer risk factors. Is natural to try everything that seems to be logic in our effort to avoid any future cancer threatening. But....but....cancer is a such complex process, based on milions of factors and random events. at moment we are simple spectators and we can say : Only GOD knows what the future will bring to me.

      Best regards
      Stage III EC 85% + Sem 15%
      AFP=2.6; HCG=10, 20,28 and rising
      FULL CAT scan:
      -abdominal lymph clear
      -subpleural lungs metastasis [bipulmonary lesions with diam <= 1cm]
      4 x BEP changed to 3 x BEP at my request
      from 2005-05....Surveillance


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        Originally posted by Eric

        I don't know if you have tried the breuss juice. A company of natural products in my city sell this juice. I have tried one bottle and the taste is not very good. I don't know if i can have a cure of this during 2 weeks without eating or drinking something else. Do you think that we can at least drink a lot of water during the cure?
        A Google search of "breuss juice" brings up a multitude of pages with some interesting theories on anti-cancer diets, none of which sound very pleasant at all. I'd like to think I have a reasonably healthy diet, but more than 50% of what I eat wouldn't be allowed in any of these diets.



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          TSX we still want to eat a Big-mac or whoper once a week

          Stage 1 seminoma in august 2001
          with invaded spermatic chord and treated with RT
          Relapse november 2005, 4 BEP and now back to surveillance


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            I'm a big believer in "everything in moderation."
            right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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              Natural prevention

              Sorry for this long post.
              Last week i went to the relay for life in my area. At night there was a very interesting conference by doctor Richard Beliveau. He is a biochimist, an oncologist and the author of the book ‘Food against cancer’. This book is the best seller in the province of Quebec in 2005. First place and before the last chapter of Harry Potter(the one where Rogue kill Dumbledore). Dr Beliveau is the director of a research department in Montreal and he goes around the world to do some conferences.
              Here are a couple of facts about cancer that can be usefull in prevention.

              -Cancer is the result of 4 consecutives mutations that occur in a period of 40 to 50 years(level 1 to level4)
              -At level 4 the cell become malignant and spread
              -Everyone have level 1 or 2 cells in their body
              -98% of the population have thyroid cancer cells
              -People sometime born with level 1 or 2 cell(hereditary cancer)but it does not mean that they will have cancer if they have healthy diet.
              -Most of the chemotherapy drugs come from plants and are compound of natural defense of the plant against insect and other bacteries.
              -Fruits and vegetables have the same kind of compound that give protection against insect and other bacteries
              -This compound is also the one that give the color to them
              -All the food that are in the next list has been tested in laboratory and worked on cancer cell the same way chemo does for different kind of cancer.
              -You can also see the phytochemical component of each that fight cancer and for each you can find a lot of interesting research on the net.
              -This mean that you can do a kind of chemo everyday of your life to prevent cancer
              -Here is the optimal daily dose of each

              Brussel sprout(indole-3-carbinol) ½ cup
              Brocoli, cauliflower or cabbage(sulforaphane) ½ cup
              Garlic(diallyl sulfide) 2 cloves
              Onion or echalote(same as garlic) ½ cup
              Spinach or cresson(same as brocoli and cabbage) ½ cup
              Soja(genisteine) ½ cup
              Linseed(freshly ground)(omega 3) 1 table spoon (easy to mix with cereal)
              Turmeric(curcumin) 1 tea spoon (I mix it with a can of vegetable juice)
              Black peper ½ tea spoon
              Blueberries Raspberries (all the berries)(Delphinidine)½ cup
              Cranberries(dry) ½ cup
              Raisin(Resveratrol) ½ cup
              Black chocolate 70%(polyphenol) 40 g
              Citrus fruits juice(limonene) ½ cup
              Green tea(epigallocatechine-3-gallate) 3 x 250 ml
              Red wine(Resveratrol) 1 glass only
              Too much wine mean more alcohol and increase the odds of heart disease
              Turmeric, Green tea, cabbage and berries seems to be the best of all to kill cancer.
              If you are the kind of people who are used to peel your potatoes i can tell you are sacrifying the best of the potatoe to prevent a cancer.
              You also have to eat a lot of food with omega 3. Everybody should have a ratio of omega 6/omega 3 = 1 but for the most of the people who don’t eat well this value goes up to 25 so eating a lot of omega 3 make this value goes down near 1. Eating tomatoes(lycopene) and strawberries(ellagiq acid) regularily help to prevent cancer.

              Things to avoid
              Smoked meat
              Red meat
              Fast food(hamburger, french fries, hot dog, soda)
              Pastries, cookies (Everything that has a list of ingredients of 2 lines or more on the box)

              I don’t think we can cure a cancer at a late stage with fruits and vegetables but i think we can kill level 1 to 3 cells following this list. Dr beliveau think that with his research we will see some new weapons against cancer in the next ten years with no toxic efects like conventional chemo.

              Like he said ‘We are what we eat’

              Stage 1 seminoma in august 2001
              with invaded spermatic chord and treated with RT
              Relapse november 2005, 4 BEP and now back to surveillance


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                Glad to see that pizza & southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy are not on your list of foods to avoid.... I would be a goner for sure!
                Brian, [email protected]
                left inguinal orchiectomy 9/21/2005 > seminoma, stage IIC 12cm x 12cm retroperitoneal mass> 3XBEP completed 11/30/2005 > residual 9cm x 7cm mass removed 3/29/06. All necrotic tissue found > Surveillance


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                  i think sugar has a big thing to do with cancer. I believe the cancer cells actually burn sugar quicker or slower than normal, showing up as "hot spots" on pet scans.
                  Diagnosed August 2005
                  R/O August 2005 AFP 210

                  4xEP beginning December 2005
                  End Feb/March 2006 AFP 4.6
                  April 2006 AFP 22 and rising

                  Tandem Stem Cell Transplant 7/06 - 9/06
                  December 07 AFP = 3.3
                  December 07 CT = Clear!

                  15+ months remission


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                    The list of things to avoid was too long but pizza contains peperoni that you can put in the same categorie as hot dog and smoked meat and a lot of bad fat. I did not mentioned Big mac also. I think that eating one pizza or one big-mac every month won't kill anybody. But i won't be a volunteer to eat it everyday.

                    Stage 1 seminoma in august 2001
                    with invaded spermatic chord and treated with RT
                    Relapse november 2005, 4 BEP and now back to surveillance


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                      Thanks for pointing out the book by Dr. Beliveau. I see that an English version in paperback was just released a few weeks ago. I'll have to check it out for sure.

                      In my experience, it's hard to make extreme changes to one's diet overnight, but I hope to add a few things and subtract a few things as I'm able to. I'd say I already include about 75% of your posted list of good foods. Some things, like Brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage, are not going on my list any time soon. I don't normally eat much red meat (once a month or less), but I started eating more during chemo under the advice of my oncologist to help with my red blood cell counts.

                      One thing that the nutritionist at Dana-Farber (the cancer center in Boston where I am being treated) recommended was limiting milk to less than two cups per day, based on recent research that shows a link between consumption of more than this amount to increased risk of prostate cancer. A question that I'd like answered is does it matter what kind of milk one drinks? For example, regular supermarket milk is supposed to contain residual hormones given to dairy cows. If one drinks organic milk in which the cows are not given hormones, does the risk of prostate cancer decline? My guess is that the hormones do play an important role, but is there any research studying this?

                      By the way, what is "soja"? Is this soy beans?



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                        Sorry i forgot to translate this one Soja mean Soy. A lot of word are the same in english and french. And i haven't heard about milk and prostate cancer. Anyway i don't drink too much milk and i drink skimed milk. I know that too much milk can bring some other problems.

                        Stage 1 seminoma in august 2001
                        with invaded spermatic chord and treated with RT
                        Relapse november 2005, 4 BEP and now back to surveillance


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                          I am happy that this book is now sold in U.S. The cancer process is very well explained in this book. And there is one chapter for each vegetable and fruit to explain how it fight cancer.

                          Stage 1 seminoma in august 2001
                          with invaded spermatic chord and treated with RT
                          Relapse november 2005, 4 BEP and now back to surveillance