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  • Scott
    I can imagine how difficult this must be for all of you. I'm sure you will make the most of your Christmas Day in the hospital.

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  • otherhalf
    started a topic HD Chemo W/BMT

    HD Chemo W/BMT

    Well, it's off to the hospital in the morning to begin our second and final round of HD Chemo. There were several days during the first round that he didn't think he would be able to return for this second treatment. I inquired to IU regarding only one of the treatments and was told that it would not be beneficial to him, he needed to do the second round as well. The worst part is that we have to wait approx 100 days after infusion of BMT to have our next CT scan. That is over 3 months. I'm so tired of waiting. This entire year has been consumed by cancer. I have three beautiful teen girls that have lost both parents temporarily to cancer. I'm sure they will be happy too, when all this is over and our lives can return to what we knew as "normal". Unfortunately, we'll be spending our Christmas morning at the hospital in Tulsa, OK.
    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will post an update again as soon as I can.