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Nerve problem in feet

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  • Nerve problem in feet

    After 4xEP which ended 2 months ago I developed this strange shooting sensation in my feet. The odd thing is that the sensation is controlled by my head position. That is, if I sit down and bend my head forward toward my chest it brings on the shooting sensation in my feet. The sensation is not painful. It is just a quick shooting sensation that goes through the feet when I bend my head forward then it is over. I wonder if this could be chemo related or something else. Has anyone experienced somthing like this? Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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    It is a form of peripheral Neuropathy which can vary from light numbness and discomfort to crippling pain. I have been dealing with severe peripheral neuropathy for about 8 months(painful enough to keep me layed up on certain days). I can stand and walk for limited amounts of time,have trouble balancing,grabing things etc. Mine is somewhat controlled with pain meds and other medications. Hopefully your symptoms will subside over time as the nerve regenerates----Good Luck!!!!!! DON
    Moffitt Cancer Institute
    Diagnosed/Left I/O 9/18/2004--Non-Seminoma/Stage IIIC--3X B.E.P chemo--3X T.I.P. Salvage chemo---Abdominal Tumor@ 34cmX 24.5cmX 17.5cm---4/19/2005 --RPLND/Left Kidney,8 1/2lb Abdominal tumor,42 nodes removed---7/16/2005 Remission/Surveillance---Severe Peripheral Neuropathy--


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      Ah, yes! I had that party trick also. It developed during my 4xBEP. I could cause the little jolt in my feet by sort of snapping my head forward. It used to drive my wife nuts when I did while I was driving just because it seemed so cool. My onc told me it had a name (but I can't remember it) - I think he said it was common in patients with Hodgkins. Anyway, it has since gone away (replaced by Raynaud's Phenomenon - ugh). I'm just over 8 months out from the end of chemo; I think it started going away after about 4 months.

      So enjoy it while you can!

      Vinny (aka Frank)

      left I/O 1/5/05; 95%EC / 5% mature teratoma; stage IIIC
      4x BEP 1/24/05 - 4/11/05; RPLND (left side) 5/31/05
      VATS resection of teratoma from left lung 4/26/06
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        Thanks to all for the advice.

        Vinny, I am curious did you ever have the feet jolt problem evaluated by a neurologist or anyone else or did you just wait for it to go away? Did anyone suggest an MRI? My doctors are suggesting an MRI of the neck.


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          Nope, never had it evaluated because it didn't seem to bother anybody (except my wife). It just happened to go away one day. You could always email Dr. Einhorn at IU or somebody at Sloan-Kettering for a quick opinion.

          Good luck! I'd be interested to hear how it turns out.
          Vinny (aka Frank)

          left I/O 1/5/05; 95%EC / 5% mature teratoma; stage IIIC
          4x BEP 1/24/05 - 4/11/05; RPLND (left side) 5/31/05
          VATS resection of teratoma from left lung 4/26/06
          Presently surveilling


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            I went to a neurologist to have my left foot checked. He did an exam (like elettroshocks down my leg) to see how reactive were my nerves (they calculate the time that intercomes form the electric impulse and the moment you feel the "pain"... or something like that).
            He gave me Neurontin for several months (terrible drug for me, it eased the pain but made me feel sick in the stomach and terribly nervous and angry) and then, a year and a half after chemo, it went almost completely away.
            Suggestion? Let a specialist check it out, but be quite sure that sooner or later (later, in my experience) the feeling will go away.
            In bocca al lupo!


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              I had what vinny was was very weird, whenever you snap your head forward you feel a shooting sensation in your feet. I noticed this b/c i go to lots of concerts and i dance alot... it has sense went away. i just have a little numbness in my toes.
              Non-Seminoma, Stage II
              Right Guy Removed
              4X BEP ending 6/3/2005
              RPLND 7/1/05