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  • dwrickel
    I agree...buyer beware

    In these times of rip-offs, and basically anyone trying to make a buck with an 'original idea', do yourself a favor and stick to the old vegetables & fruit, fibers, NATURAL anti-oxidants like basically all berries (ie: blueberry, raspberry, blackberries...) Lots of exercise etc, etc, etc...and stay away from the 'fat-free', 'sugar-free stuff that is now marketed EVERYWHERE! Remember back in the day when we didn't have that stuff...soooo much less Cancer back then...hmmmmm........

    Just my thoughts...


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  • Vinny
    Sounds like yet another dietary supplement sold through a multi-level marketing organization. I had an acquaintance who tried to get me (during chemo) to try something called Original Limu , a concoction made from the Limu plant, which contains fucoidan, which is found in seaweed in the pacific and various south sea island cultures. Antioxidant, allegedy causes cancer cells to "self-destruct", yadda yadda yadda, $28 a bottle. Lots of apocryphal stories & anecdotal evidence as to its effectiveness. Sound familiar?

    I don't know much about Xango, but my suggestion, as it would be for any sort of supplement, would be basically buyer beware (watch your wallet). I doubt your docs would approve, although they might not care one way or the other if they know what the ingredients are provided those ingredients wouldn't adversely react with any of your prescribed meds.

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  • Eric
    Other good things

    There are some other good thing that stop the progress of cancer cells.
    Everyday you have to eat 1 tea spoon of curcuma, 3 cups of green tea(yark), 1 glass of wine(not more), garlic, a lot of fruits and vegetables and black chocolate. There is a nice book about it giving more detail 'What eat to avoid cancer'. They say that people in asian countries have 3 to 10 times less cancer than us and they explain it with what they eat. Xango is surely good because it's made with some ingredients recomended in the book.

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  • Bagpipe
    I just know it is purported to be a strong anti oxidant and eliminate free radicals. It has not been approved, etc. by the FDA. They have a website as well:

    Take care.

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  • Larry B.
    started a topic Xango Juice

    Xango Juice

    Has anyone ever heard of this (Xango Juice). I was told by an Aflac Rep. that he knew of a few people who were drinking this during Chemo, and were recomended to drink it afterwards as a preventative measure. I looked it up and found that it was expensive, but really not much specifics on it. Just curious to know if anyone has experience with this.