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    I have had my 16mt scan and the results are as follows, I think I need some clairification on some of this...the Dr's said that this is a good scan and the is nothing to worry about..but they are still going woth 3 mo scans

    "there is, once again a small left para-aortic node measuring 8mm. This is unchanged. No significant para-aortic or pelvic adenopathy is seen. There is no mesenteric adenopathy."

    FINDINGS: There are several tiny pulmonary mediastinal nodules idenfified with i nthe right lung. These do not appear to have changed since the last examination. there are 5 of the nodules. They are seen in the righ middle and lower lobe. They were present in the last exam and are unchanged. They may represent non-calcified granulomata, viceral lymph nodes(especially those located in the region of the fissure) or metastatic disease. Follow up is recommended

    Non Sem 100% Embroynal
    IO Jun 05 4 BEP

    5 node in abdomon 2 in left lung only.

    I am not sure why something is showing up in my right lung now. anyone have any ideas

    Ray Wouters

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    I tend to agree with the doc on the 3 mo. scans. Embroynal is one of the components that can skip the nodes and go right to the lungs. It is quite possible that they missed the spots on earlier scans. Can you ask them to go back and compair your first scans with what you have now? You can always have them sent to an independent lab for review. A second opinion as to the course of your treatment couldn't hurt either.
    It would seem to me that if you were getting a spread of the disease it would show up in blood work and you said that, that's ok. It seems that your docs are on top of it so try not to worry too much and as a matter of normal medical caution think about a second opinion.
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