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  • dadmo
    From what you wote I would say that your friend will be fine. I know your friend has been thru a lot but the RPLND will most likely be the end of his treatments. One of the things that makes tc so curable is that it progresses on a very predictable path. Without smothering you in details the lymph nodes that need to be removed are in the abdomen, they need to be removed because they are swollen and the only way the doctors can make sure all of the cancer is gone is to get them out. If after they remove the nodes they see live cancer in them then he will need two more treratments of chemo. Most people who have an RPLND after chemo don't have any live cancer cells in the nodes so that ends the process for them.
    Please keep us posted on your friends progress. Everything will be fine so far his treatment is normal for this type of cancer.

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  • jessica
    started a topic Post Chemo RPLND

    Post Chemo RPLND

    My friend has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. I'm not sure of all the details but I know he's had one surgery to remove the testicle and 5 or 6 weeks of chemo. He now has to have surgery, I think it's a post chemo RPLND, to remove a lymph node on his lung. I believe if it is cancerous he has to go through more chemo. I guess I was just wondering if anyone knows what exactly all of this means and what the odds are.