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glutamine for neuropathy

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  • glutamine for neuropathy

    Has anyone heard of the use of glutamine to treat neuropathy? In addition to prescribing Lyrica, my rehabilitation doctor at Sloan told me to take glutamine supplements. He thought the glutamine would help the nerves in their recovery process.

    Any experience or thoughts would be appreciated as I am always scepticle of adding supplements to my diet.

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    don't know about glutamine, but my oncologist wrote me a prescription for Vitamin B6 (higher doseage - 50mg - hence not over-the-counter). supposedly has about a 20% chance of taking care of the neuropathy.

    i haven't gotten it (yet) - not that I am skeptical of supplements, but after all the stuff I have had to take over the last 12 months I am done with pills for a loooong time. besides, my neuropathy isn't bad, maybe a tad annoying. feels like cottonballs between my toes and under the balls of my feet. that doesn't help with the balance when getting up at night to calm down the baby ...

    - martin
    Stage IIa, non-seminoma (90% embryno / 10% teratoma); I/O 12/22/04, 3 x BEP, RPLND 05/12/05


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      i think i may be experiencing neuropathy but not sure. i've been reading a few post here and it sounds as though i'm correct. i have in the last couple of months had problems with my arms and legs "fallen asleep". it was happening alot at night when i slept and sometimes when just siitng around and also driving. does this sound possible? i guess i need to tell my oncologist at my next checkup? i had radiation treatments which i read may cause this! any help?
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        I don't know about neuropathy from radiation as I am only familiar with it in the post-chemo setting. However, what you describe sure sounds like neuropathy. I think you should check it out with your doc. All the best.