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    Hi Mike how are you? I sent you an email but it tells me that the email address is not correct, can you pass it to me? from already thank you very much! Best regards

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    Typically, a PET scan is not used for nonseminoma, but it can be and can identify a cancer but can also identify other things that are not related. Usually a CT is sufficient. However, since it has already been done, it doesn't really matter at this point. What is important is what the pathology was, the nodes involved and the treatments so far. Is there only one node at 5 mm left? Sorry but the messages in multiple places are making it hard to uderstand.

  • adra
    sorry I write everywhere, is that I do not get notifications of the answers, then I am looking at the post and now I found this
    The PET was done after the resonance showed an increase in lymph node, step from 14mm to 17mm, the oncologist always said that the PET is not for non-seminoma, but told him to wait 2 months, do tomography and resonance, and depending on that he would ask for the PET
    Then I asked him why wait 2 months, so I send the PET right away and threw tumor activity in the other testicle and in 4 nodes, the largest average 17x22 mm
    Both the oncologist and the urologist were surprised because the PET is not indicated in those cases, so they told us that in this case the protocol could change, did they hear any similar case?
    sorry if sometimes it is not understood well, I am using the translator since my English is not very good, thanks, it helps a lot to read them, I admire your work

  • Mike
    My regular email is [email protected] and you are welcome to use that email. Not sure which one was not working.

  • Mike
    Hi Adra,

    I have moved your posts to one just for you at: https://forum.testicularcancersociet...r-chemotherapy and I have asked another user to help with any translation issues on how to use the site, etc.

    I believe you are asking if RPLND surgery after chemotherapy is needed for a lymph node that went from 17 mm to 0.5 mm?

    In most situations and institutions I think observation would be used but some places will like to do the RPLND if they see any nodes. I am not sure why they are using PET instead of just CT scans.

    Hola Adra,

    He movido sus publicaciones a una solo para usted en: https://forum.testicularcancersociet...amiento-y-más allá/tratamiento-después-de-la-orquiectomía-radiación-quimioterapia-rplnd-surveillance/320440- rplnd-needed-after-chemotherapy y le pedí ayuda a otro usuario con cualquier problema de traducción sobre cómo usar el sitio, etc.

    Creo que está preguntando si se necesita cirugía RPLND después de la quimioterapia para un ganglio linfático que pasó de 17 mm a 0,5 mm.

    En la mayoría de las situaciones e instituciones, creo que se usaría la observación, pero a algunos lugares les gustaría hacer el RPLND si ven algún nodo. No estoy seguro de por qué están usando PET en lugar de solo tomografías computarizadas.
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