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scared x

  • danny4497
    started a topic Need help?

    Need help?

    Hi I noticed a lump when I was 12 nearly 13 when I stood up I could see it and it was quite hard, however I can not feel the lump if it am laid down, I also get a pain in my testicle that lasts for around 2 seconds and also a groin pain on both sided, I am 16 now and I've been to the doctors and he...
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  • Doctors appointment Tuesday. Only 18 and extremely nervous. Does this sound like TC?

    EDIT: Sorry for this massive wall of text. I kind of got carried away and started venting lol. I understand if you don't want to read it but I would truly appreciate any advice and just any conversation really. It's kind of hard to find people in the real world to comfortably talk to about this....
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  • khunter
    started a topic Terrified


    Okay, so i am 16 years old and for about 2 years I've had this mass attached to the back of my left testicle that is soft and feels jellylike. I have no pain whatsoever from it but am very concerned. One of the reasons I haven't gotten it looked at is that my grandma was completely destroyed by cancer...
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